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Edwin Clements Sr. Travis H. Clements   J. Linwood Tew  Robert Wicker


Since 1956 Clements Funeral Service has provided funeral and cremation services to Durham and the surrounding communities.  Robert Wicker, Linwood Tew, Travis Clements and Edwin Clements, Sr. purchased the Clyde Kelly Funeral  Home, providing these services as well as ambulance service.  The funeral home also was invited to join with the International Order of the Golden Rule,  the leading funeral organization in the United States.  Their motto was “Service not measured by gold, but by the Golden Rule” and it became the basis for the way all relationships were handled.   This relationship continues today.

In the Mid 1960’s the sons of three of the owners began their employment with the funeral home and the business expanded into Hillsborough where a new funeral home was built.  Through the leadership and hard work of the original owners the business continued to expand and thrive.  Many updates and renovations were made to the facilities.   By the late 1980s following college and military service, Travis Clements Jr., Richard Tew, and Ed Clements Jr., along with long time employee Philip Young began their management of the company.  During their tenure, additional renovations and updates were made to the facilities in Durham and Hillsborough.

Since the year 2000 a third generation of family members became a part of Clements Funeral Service. Kelly Clements Misenheimer, T. Blake Clements, Brian Tew, Edwin B. Clements III and Erin B. Clements all graduated from the Mortuary Science Program at Fayetteville Technical Institute and passing all Board Exams became Funeral Service Licensees.

In 2010 a new Arrangements Center and large room for family gatherings, non-traditional funeral services and memorial services was added to the facilities in Durham.  This addition was the first of its kind and gives Clements flexibility beyond its competition.  In recognition of being a full service funeral home the name was changed to Clements Funeral and Cremation Services Inc.

Even though Travis Clements Jr., Ed Clements Jr. and Philip Young continue to be a part of the business,  Kelly Clements Misenheimer, T. Blake Clements and Erin B. Clements provide the day to day management of the company making us a proud, third generation funeral home.  In 2016, the Clements family suffered the tragic, unexpected loss of Edwin B. Clements III “Tripp”.  Today, Kelly, Blake and Erin continue to base every decision they make on the Golden Rule, just as their grandfathers did over 60 years ago.


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